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‘Naked’ fame Sri Rapaka’s New Web Movie Titled ‘The Lust, A Murder Mistery’

Director Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Naked’ fame Sri Rapaka starring in a new web film titled ‘The Lust, A Murder Mistery’. Third Eye cinemas are producing and ‘SKN’ is directing this film. Ashok Shinde written the story and producing this film. Amith Tivari, Sri Gagan, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Anand Bharathi are playing other important roles. Audience will experience new kind of feeling with this film which is being made in an interesting manner with the backdrop of Extra Marital affairs and crime. The making quality of this film will surely impress the audience. The trailer of this film unveiled today.

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The trailer starts with an investigation of a murder in a flat. Police officer questions a lady to find the truth and asks her “why did you murdered Aravind? Have you spent with him last night? Aravind have any enemies?” Followed by, ” We have evidence that you have attempted two times to murder him.” The trailer runs with a caption ‘When Seduction overrides, You will cross the line’. The trailer of the film runs around the core point, “You will cross the border when you surrendered by the lust” and it raises the curiosity on the film.

The producer of the film Ashok Shinde announced that ‘The Lust, A Murder Mistery’ web movie will release through OTT shortly. The discussions are going on with different OTT’s.

Meghana Chowdary, Archana Singh, Arjun Sekhar, Sanjana played other important roles.


Music: T Rajesh
Cinematography: MN Bala
Editor: BNR
Dialogues: Niranjan
Line Producer: Rajkumar Shinde, Devendra Shivare, Anil Bandari
Story- Producer: Ashok Shinde
Screenplay-Direction: SKN

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