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Siddharth speaks against Ticket Prices

Actor Sidharth against Ticket sales

Recently Telugu director K Raghavendra Rao opened up on the issue of ticket rates in Andhra Pradesh. He expressed his displeasure regarding AP government’s stand on the issue, the director appealed to the AP Chief Minister to reconsider the Bill passed on the issue. After megastar Chiranjeevi, Nani and KRR, another actor Siddharth  talked about the Ticket price of the  movie. Using the hashtag ‘Save Cinema’, Siddharth wrote, “A movie’ budget and scale are not decided by the consumer,  It is decided only by the investor and the creators. No individual has the right to decide how much anyone earns from the cinema.” 

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Maha Samudram actor asked, “Would you go and question politicians or businessmen who came from poverty and died billionaires? Stop persecuting the film industry.”

 He added, “We work hard and put our livelihood on the line to entertain and create art. So  Stop killing the hand that tries to entertain the people.”

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