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NY Times Critic review on Akhanda

Balakrishna starrer Akhanda is doing exceptionally well in India.   Boyapati Srinu’ directorial venture is the highest collected movie in the USA box-office this year and it is continuing at the same speed on the weekend as well.  The critic Simon Abrams, who works with New York Times, watched Akhanda and shared his review on Twitter.

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Simon Abrams  wrote on the wall of his twitter, “I enjoyed the first half of the Telugu action epic AKHANDA, about an area man who picks a fight with a corrupt mine owner. But the second half brings in the title character, the twin brother of the first half’s lead. Then it becomes something special. It’s fights while possessed by  god Shiva. He impales a few heavies with his trident.  The movie  also rearranges the main heavy’s chakras one by one, naming each body part he is  destroying. He’s a friend to zebu and children. Akhanda is righteous.”

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