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Naga Babu supports RGV

Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV is raising his voice against the Jagan government on the movie ticket prices controversy. He posed a series of questions to Minister Perni Nani regarding the cap on cinema tickets fixed by the Andhra Pradesh government. The film maker asked why the govt subsidizes film tickets on the lines of healthcare and educational services if it feels cinema is essential for the poor. Satya helmer also posted a video on YouTube, he asked the government ten logical questions related to film making, business, and remuneration of actors.

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RGV also gets support from Mega brother Naga Babu. Naga Babu said to RGV, “You’re absolutely right… And you took the questions right out of my mouth.”

In reply Ram Gopal Varma thanked mega brother as he wrote, “Thank you Naga Babu Garu ..I hope more people from our industry will Address this issue.” RGV took the entire screenshot and posted it on his Instagram account.

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