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MAA has not been in the misuse of funds- VK Naresh

VK Naresh – MAA President

Hema, the vice-president of the ‘Movie Artist Association (MAA)’, made a number of allegations in a recent TV channel interview on elections and the use of funds. Contrary to the allegations, MAA president Naresh, secretary Jeevitha Rajasekhar released a video on Monday.

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VK Naresh said, “The conditions are now known to the world. It is not right for large numbers of people to join in groups at a time when there is a threat of corona third wave. And that to Supreme Court has warned that several state high courts will take appropriate action under murder charges if elections are held in violation of these rules.

We will discuss and decide when MAA elections will be held at the General Body Meeting on August 22. This Meeting also takes place virtually in the context of Covid circumstances on August 22.

Hema’s comments on the association is unfortunate, even though they have been unanimously approved by the Executive Committee on Accounts. Her voice was leaked, and we were shocked by the horrific words like ‘MAA’ funds were being misused and ‘MAA’ would go bankrupt. However, through MAA memberships we collected Rs. 84 lakh in revenue. Jeevita Rajasekhar gave Rs 10 lakh. In addition, I personally deposited Rs 14 lakh. We have clearcut evidence on funds.

It is heartbreaking that Hema garu has said that the funds are being misused. We have brought in a fund of Rs 1 crore this term with our image. It is wrong to make baseless comments. The March elections were shifted to September with the approval of all and we will decide when the elections will be held.

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