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First Song ‘Naa Kanulalo’ From Single Character Movie Hello Meera Unveiled

If experimental movies are made convincingly, then there will be no stopping for them to become superhits to blockbusters. The same was proved numerous times. In fact, movie buffs encourage movies with good and original content. If you are looking for one such experimental movie that will be gripping all through- Hello Meera is going to be a perfect choice for you.

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Director Kakarla Srinivas, who was the protégé of legendary filmmaker Bapu and has vast experience, is making his directorial debut with the movie which has been made with a single character. Jeevan Kakarla presented this experimental film under the Lumiere Cinema banner. The makers say that the film being made as a suspense drama thriller will give the audience an edge-of-seat experience.

The film’s first single- Naa Kanulalo Naa Kanulalo, has been unveiled today, on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi. S Chinna scored a stirring number that shows the pathetic situation of the actress. The song is so haunting, wherein Sameera Bharadwaj crooned it expressively. The lyrics for this number are provided by Sri Sai Kiran. Gargeyi Yellapragada who played the role of Meera impresses with her emotional performance in the song.

Seems like, the movie has a good dose of emotions and drama too other than suspense and thrilling elements. Hello Meera is getting ready for release soon. Suri Sadhanala worked as an associate director.

Dr. Lakshmana Rao Dikkala, Varaprasadarao Dumpala and Padma Kakarla produced the movie, while S. Chinna provided the music. Anantha Sridhar is the line producer. Tirumala M Tirupati is the Production Designer, whereas Katri Mallesh, and M Rambabu [Chennai] are the Production Managers. Rambabu Medikonda is the editor.

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Srinivas Kakarla
Producers: Dr. Lakshmana Rao Dikkala, Varaprasadarao Dumpala, Padma Kakarla
Music: S Chinna
Production Designer: Tirumala M Tirupati
Makeup: P Rambabu
Associate Director: Suri Sadhanala
Production Managers: Katri Mallesh, M Rambabu [Chennai]
Lyrics: Sri Sai Kiran
Singers: Sameera Bhardwaj, Deepak Blue
Sound Designer: Sarath [Sound Post]
Audiography: M Geetha Gurappa
Publicity Designer: Krishna Digitals
Dialogues: Hiranmayi Kalyan
Editor: Rambabu Medikonda

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