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Aditya Music is glad an additional tranche of relief fund to Lyric Writers and Composers

AdityaMusic, the well renowned leading music label has always stood with music creative fraternity and has played a pivotal role for the rightful royalties of Authors & Composers. Aditya Music is the only label from South India on the Board of IPRS (Indian Performing Rights Society). IPRS is India’s only Copyright Society in respect of Musical works and associated Literary Works.

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As the music community has been severely affected due to the COVID pandemic, IPRS has announced to release additional significant package of relief fund to its 3500 authors/composers members. The first tranche of significant package was announced in April to help around 3500 authors and composers members address their essential needs during the initial stages of lockdown.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Aditya Gupta, Aditya Music director said, “We are proud to be part of IPRS and joining the board representing from South India. Owing to the Covid19 crisis, millions of being have been impacted financially and emotionally. Aditya Music will continue to extend our support the creative music fraternity in all best possible means. AdityaMusic is glad that this fund will support around 3500 authors and composers in the music fraternity, whose livelihoods have been deeply impacted by COVID19.”

Mr. Javed Akhtar, Chairman of the IPRS said, “IPRS was established with the objective of helping the creative music fraternity grow and flourish and this holds true now more than ever when our community is in dire need because of these unprecedented times. Our initial financial assistance package in April 2020 brought much needed relief to the community and we hope the additional money that is being released now will help again to provide necessary respite at this moment. I would humbly urge everyone to come forward and help others in this time of distress in whatever capacity they can. It is only if we come together and stand united against this crisis that humanity will be able to overcome this situation.”

Mr. Rakesh Nigam, CEO of the IPRS said, “As a responsible copyright society, it’s our duty to extend our support to the music industry in whatever way possible. We are trying our best to amplify our efforts in providing financial assistance to our members and ensure they have some income available to them while all other streams of earning a livelihood have temporarily dried up.”

Acclaimed lyric writer, Mr. Chandrabose and Music director R.P.Patnayak said, “Aditya Music needs no introduction in the world of Telugu cinema as they have been an integral part of the industry for the past 30 years. They have released many of my songs as well. Aditya Music stand by us in tough times and that has happened multiple times in the past. In the same context, Aditya Music has become a representative of acclaimed IPRS board for entire South India and helping out many artists by providing Covid-19 relief fund. I would like to thank AdityaMusic and IPRS from the bottom of my heart.”

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