Prakash raj shares BJP Candidate wife begging for votes on basis of religion video on Twitter

Prakashraj !
Versatile actor and film maker Prakash Raj, who is known for his vocal criticism of the government, posts a video on his Twitter, mocks BJP campaign saying, ” Look at a BJP candidates wife begging for votes on the basis of a religion in mangalore south /karnataka … shame on ur communal politics. Is this your “Sabki saath sabka Vikas “…#justasking.”

Karnataka Polls?
Recently during the media interaction, when a journalist asked him. “What options do you think voters will weigh before casting their ballots in the Karnataka polls? The actor replied, “Before casting their votes, the voters should know the people they are voting for. The people should not be voting for someone who divides them on communal, caste-based or religious grounds. This is what the BJP is trying to do”. In the past, too, he has been in the news headlines for his aggressive stance against the central government’s policies.